The Pipeline Construction Safety Training course has been designed to help the pipeline worker know how to respond to worksite health and safety issues by taking the worker through the entire pipeline construction process from beginning to end.

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A final mark of 100% is required in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Certification Expiry Period
5 Years
Note: A 5-year expiry period applies to courses completed on/after January 1, 2014. Courses completed before January 1, 2014 have a 3-year expiry period.


This course will provide workers with the tools to help them:
  • Build their skills to Recognize Hazards.
  • Learn how to Assess Hazards.
  • Learn how to Control Hazards.
  • Learn to operate a Vehicle Safely.
  • Learn to operate Equipment Safely.
  • Learn how to respond to Emergencies.

Structure and Workload

This course consists of 14 lessons of approximately 30 minutes duration each, for a total of about 6 hours of self-paced instruction.

1Pipeline Construction Safety Training
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Type:Elearning Course
Learning Time:6h